Why Join Our Team

You can join us and sell your products via Yammy Station. Indeed there are many choices out there that have the similar functionality as what we do in Yammy Station but here in Yammy Station eShop we are opening store function to as few as 10 retailers at this stage to join as share their products in Yammy Station eShop.

Immersive experience

Allow you and your customers to have simple yet cool solution to buy and sell products online.

High Traffic

High traffic means lots of customers for you. We have great marketing teams that will boost your product visibility here in Yammy Station.

Facebook Ads support

Our developers are highly engineered to direct your customers visiting you products in Facebook via FB ads. Customers will surely see your products more than one time.

Our Current Vacancies

Determining the best food retail outlet for a specific community can be a challenging process. Factors such as the amount of land you have available, your access to capital, and the size of the community you want to serve are all important to consider.

With us you can promote your products easily to your customers without the going through the trouble of marketing your products.

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Food Machinery as suppliers of packaging and processing machinery, spare parts and service to the Malaysian market. Sell your machines potential food retailers that visit this website. With proper usage of oportunities from you and marketing from us you will indeed gain a lot of sales via Yammy Station.

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An important role in all food retail and product sales. These people will need your products to resell to their customers. By using Yammy Station you will indeed have definite targets to your customers on the various packaging materials that you offer.

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In all type of food processing, they will requires raw material to be used as their main ingredient to create their masterpiece. If you indeed are one the supplier of these type of product, you may want to participate in advertising your products Yammy Station customers as they will likely choose you as their main supplier.

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