Main Services


Here in Yammy Station we encourage those who have the capital to purchase in bulk and capability to sell products on their own end to purchase and rebrand our products. We are open to discussion on how we could allow you to sell our products as your own brand and boost your own sale.

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Sales consultation

We provide consultation for our products on how seller could boost their sales and get strong hold of interest from their customers. We have been selling on-road and on-line for the past 6 years and we love to share to you our experience on how to boost sales mainly on ice blended, bubble tea and beverage products.

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Physical shop and Renovation

Love our design concept and keen to open your own Yammy Station shop in your own area? We have highly talented designers that are keen to help you built your own Yammy Station shop in your area. Do contact us for details and our team will consult with you on the concept of retail shop that you would like to built with us.

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Other Services

Event Catering

We are open to receive order for catering and any sort of event to serve ice blended, bubble tea products to your guest at a very reasonable price. Make you and your guest day special by serving them the best beverage in town. Caution! You will be remembered for a long time.

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Designing is one of our best specialty in Yammy Station. Its the design that catch peoples hearts and soul. We would hear about any potential design oportunity for us and will definitely join you if time do allow us to do so.

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Web Design

Love our web design? We are available for hiring at a reasonable price. Our service is aiming to set up your website up and running. You will have full control of your website. Do contact us for more info.

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Web Development

Developing website might be challenging for most of us but here in Yammy Station our team has 5 years of experience in developing website mainly via Joomla and WordPress. Building website with us means getting the info you need to maintain the website. Do contact us for more info.

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Here in Yammy Station you can also register as a digital shop owner and sell your item here. We invite those who are interested in online selling to contact us regarding this oportunity as we are currently opening slots to only few numbers of lucky people. Allow your customers to have the best online shopping experience that they deserve

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Not only we develop physical product, website and designs. We also develop mobile phone applications though we are still learning our best to master it. We are currently able to convert website directly to android app for as low as RM50. Do contact us for more info.

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Having a website alone is not enough. You will definitely need proper marketing to reach your customers and gain buyers. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the core in any online business and here in Yammy Station we have the talent to do proper SEO with great result. You’ll be in good ranking in no time.

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With a website you gain to opportunity to have wide scale of customers all around Malaysia or even the world. But its hard to see unless you have good statistical info. We are experience with Google Analytics and provide analytics setup to all our customers for free.

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