Who We Are


Malaysian leading manufacture for ice blended powder, bubble tea, waffle and supplies all sort of food products for hawkers, restaurant and food outlets usage.

Yammy Station is Malaysians no.1 Ice Blended powder supplier. We are estblished from 2011 and based in Klang, Selangor. Yammy Station is 100% Malay local company and we have been serving lots of Malaysians without race boundaries in Malaysia.

Our History

Yammy Station started as a small business in the early 2011 with the name Shieda Aizz Blended. The company was build by two young school leavers that has just finished their schooling years and at that time was discovering ways to approach Malaysian market throughout experimentation, self-research and their self-determination to achieve what others might not have think at their age. Alhamdulillah, after 4 years we are now standing strong together with other great brands to bring not only the high quality products but in par if not better with super brand available in the market today. To our customers, thank you for your support and we both know that success begins with small steps and give a pat on your back for giving yourself a chance to be Malaysian entrepreneur. As we all always say, Malaysia Boleh!t.

Shortly About Our Company

What We Do

Our specialty is in manufacturing ice blended powder. We used only the best material available and ensure that our products are high quality, delicious and well accepted by all people regardless of age.

Our main goal is to capture not only you, our customers’ heart but also your own future customers’ heart. Its simple, your customer loves you, you will love us too =)

Why We Do It

To serve you fellow Malaysian of course. We believe that you should deserve the best product available in the market for your customers and we believe that we are one of the best there is out there. Many of our customer has quoted their feeling of delighted and happy choosing us. We hope that you will too. Pull your legs and give us a try.

Our Services

Our services ranges from manufacturing ice blended powder and toppings, machinery and equipment supply, small business and night market consultation, wedding/convocation/party event manager, franchise consultation, marketing and many more. We are happy to serve you because we know without you, we wouldn’t be here today.

Here in Yammy Station eShop, you can also participate in advertising your product too in our virtual eShop. Yes! you heard us correct. Why go through all the hassle of hiring thousands of ringgit to build a shop that lacks of features and quality. You can register as one of our store member to manage your own shop here on your own computer for a reasonable price.

Why People Choose Us

Our products are widely accepted nationwide including Sabah and Sarawak since 2010. We have been serving countless numbers of customers to an extent we need to restock every single day. They agree that we have one of the most finest and delicious ice blended recipe including other products that we serve because simply care about our product quality and taste to ensure our customers will receive the best product available on the market at a very reasonable price.

We gladly provide you with support for all your needs to start having your own business with us. We are open for discussion, advice and gladly teach you how to make the best Ice Blended in town together with all of the awesome toppings that not only kids but adults love. You will definitely be happy to choose us as your supplier.

Our Specialization

Here in Yammy Station we take our job seriously, nurture and build on it the best we could. We are still learning and here is what we are at the moment

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Salam, TERBAIK!! itulah yang saya mampu katakan tentang kehebatan perniagaan ice blended ShiedAizz. Walaupun pada mulanya saya agak meragui potensi perniagaan namun Alhamdulillah selepas beberapa minggu berniaga, pendapatan saya meningkat berkali ganda. Kini saya xsabar nak tunggu naik pelamin bulan Oktober nanti dengan hasil titik peluh saya sendiri =D. Terima kasih ShiedAizz Blended.
Saya merupakan pelajar sekolah berasrama penuh. Saya memegang jawatan sebagai pengerusi kelab usahawan. Kelab kami mengadakan jualan setiap hari sabtu dan ahad. Ice blended merupakan kegemaran pelajar sekolah. Banyak keuntungan yang telah kelab kami perolehi hasil jualan di bawah jenama SHIEDAIZZ BLENDED kerana harga powdernya yang awesome dan rasanya yang sedap!!

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